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Caring Doulas

What is a Doula?

Doula comes from the Greek word meaning "Caregiver".

A Doula's role is to "mother the mother" so she can mother her child. A Doula is not a medical professional, but a mother's supporter and the help offered is tailored to your needs. Some Doulas offer birth support others after the birth in the post-natal period.

For post natal services provided by Caring Doulas click here

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When may I need a Post-Natal Doula?

Families aren't always able to provide the amount of support you need (or you may prefer not to accept their help) and often partners can only have restricted time at home. A Doula can enable you to look after your baby and your home and enjoy this exciting but often exhausting time in a unique way to you.

Health professionals are important to your family's well being, but only have a limited time to support you. They usually can't visit on a daily basis, or give much practical help and you may not be able to see the same one each time.

When do I book the services of a Post-Natal Doula

You may decide to book a Doula in your antenatal period to ensure that you have the support immediately after birth, or when your partner returns to work, or family returns home, or at any time you feel the services offered could be beneficial.

Whatever you decide, booking early is an advantage for peace of mind. If you need to discuss your requirements with me or have any questions please call Caring Doulas on 0208 873 3663.

Caring Doulas

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